Virtually every school these days has locked entryway. Often this is an external door or vestibule that prevents unauthorized persons from entering the school without going through the school administration office to be checked in. When schools were small the kindly receptionist knew every child and their parent/guardians and authorized persons that would come to school to get or visit the child. As schools grow and administration becomes more complex, the days of that full time receptionist is passing.

Good poeple/Bad people Recognition is the ability to use technology to recognize the people that should be at the school and flag specific people that are not.

How it works:

Using a standard door camera, software can monitor all persons approaching entrances to a school. When parent or authorized person approaches the door the people in the office are alerted. The software performs facial recognition and flashes a message telling them who it is, which child they are responsible for, and even show the schedule that says where that child is supposed to be.

Enrollment can be done when the child is registered the first time the parent/guardian visits the school using simple tools such as iPad. Additionally, enrollment can be done using photographs so that all authorized persons do not have to be present to get enrolled. The photographic enrollment is especially important with the bad people recognition. Its unfortunate in our society, but sometimes there are estranged parents or individuals that are specifically forbidden, by guardian or by court order, from visiting the child. With bad people recognition, for obvious reasons, an in person enrollment is not feasible. In this case a photograph or even a DMV picture can be used to enroll someone. When this person is recognized by the software approaching the school they would be highlighted is a specific way and a different type of alert can be triggered that lets school administrators know this person should not be there. Anyone else would simply be flagged as unknown.

Paliton has several partners with facial recognition platforms. Some are standalone products and others are meant to be integrated with larger multi-functional systems. In any case we have a solution that can fit your good people/bad people requirements.

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