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Free Wi-Fi Assessment

Paliton Networks, a Ruckus Wireless Partner, is currently offering a free Wi-Fi Assessment with the purchase of any Wi-Fi equipment, or qualified license purchase for all customers in the DMV area. Register now to receive complete details.

* The purchase requirement is waived for E-Rate qualified Schools and Charters Schools, and local governments, and federal agencies in the D.C. Area planning to issue a form 470 or RFP in next 12 months.

Qualifications:  Wi-Fi Assessment is performed by a qualified technician using Wi-Fi scanning tools and software. Basic floor plans drawn to scale are a requirement for proper report visualization.  The assessment is limited one building up to 30,000 sq ft or one school building.

Register here for details and schedule a consultation

Wi-Fi is easy until its not.  

Once you grow beyond a single Wi-Fi router or Access Point Wi-Fi can become complicated very quickly.

The biggest performance impact to Wi-Fi is other Wi-Fi. 

Knowing what your Wi-space looks like from a spectrum point of view can be critical to a reliable well performing network.  

It's usually not the Wi-Fi, it's the design.  

If you are having issues with your Wi-Fi, upgrading to WIFI6, 6E or 7 is not likely going to fix it. 

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