Engineering Services

Our Expertise

Founded by engineers, Paliton thrives on developing solutions to solve business problems. From designing a modern network to analyzing and solving performance issues Paliton engineers are up to the task.

  • Network Design
  • Physical Security
  • Smart Cities
  • School Safety

Working with their solution architect it was clear that they think big picture. He asked questions about where we are and what we envision then started planning small projects to help fill the gap. It met our needs, but didn’t lock us into a big project. Their approach gives us flexibility in case our direction changes.

Corporate IT Consulting Customer

Why Paliton Services?

Our focus is on delivering integrated solutions of best of breed products to our customers versus just selling devices and software. We can also fill in the gaps with our own code. Our staff has experience with a broad range of hardware and software platforms in the compute, cloud, ,storage, networking, IoT and security fields. If we haven’t seen it, chances are we know someone who has the expertise and our network of skilled professionals can rapidly bring our agile technical staff up to speed

At our core – we are an engineering company founded by engineers – and we are committed to developing, delivering and managing solutions to help organizations maximize their investment in technology .

Network Design

Paliton engineers have designed the full range from massive global networks that encompass 100s of locations to a single small retail business. A well performing network is the foundation for all other IT initiatives.

Physical Security

With smart devices, network cameras and the general increase in the Internet of Things (IoT), modern physical security systems are now a part of IT.  By integrating multiple solutions from Ruckus, Ava (formerly Vaion), Openpath, and others, Paliton can develop solutions to help secure your business.

Smart Cities

Successful Smart Cites programs all have one thing in common…a good network to service IoT. Ask us how CBRS can enable services that would be cost prohibitive with a Carrier Network.