Managed Services

Why Managed Services

The field of IT is deep and wide, the more you buy the more expertise you have to employ.  While you are a small growing business or even a medium one that is often a more expensive route.  With managed services you buy or lease equipment with a managed service contract.  Our team of experts install it. Our team of experts configure it. Our team of experts maintain it. If it breaks, our team of experts fix it…all for a set monthly fee determined in advance by a Service Level Agreement.


With our cloud based systems we can manage your network anywhere

Physical Security

VMS, NVRs, Sensors, Cameras are all riding over IT.


Get enterprise class wireless, homogeneous across geographic locations


Sensors, Smart lighting, Smart Credentials are all dependent on solid wired and wireless

Better Performance


Awesome Support


Predictable Expenditures


IT Is Our Core Business

Clear Advantage

IT has occupied the single largest job sector with unfilled openings for more than 100 straight quarters. Good IT people are well compensated, they also tend to be specialized, so you may need multiple people to cover all the skills you require. They represent a huge investment that is outside your core business. With Paliton Managed Services we have people with the skills and knowledge to keep your IT operations running and often at a rate far below what a full-time employee would cost.

Awesome Support

From basic support to premium 24/7 service plans we have something that fits you business and budget.

  • Email, Chat, and Telephone support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Security monitoring

Service portfolio item

Wi-Fi as a Service

Managed Wi-Fi gives you the confidence, features and scalability of Enterprise Wi-Fi without having to manage the complexity yourself.

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