Keep Your Premises Safe with ZeroEyes Gun Detection System

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Complimentary Technology

ZeroEyes platform is a complimentary AI solution that can work with your existing Physical Security, Video Management and Camera infrastructureThere is no requirement to replace any existing infrastructure to leverage the best AI Weapons Detection on the market

Proactively Identifying Weapons When & Where it Matters

Detecting brandished firearms where they are not permitted – in Schools, Universities, Office Environments, Places of Worship, Event Venues and more.

No Red Flag Law or DataRepository.

ZeroEyes brandished firearm detections are not part of a database that tracks individuals.

Non-Biased Detection

ZeroEyes does not detect faces, behavior, clothing style, skin color, or anything other than brandished weapons.

Advanced Gun Detection System for Unparalleled Security

Paliton Networks has partnered with ZeroEyes to bring you the most advanced gun detection system in the market. ZeroEyes utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to identify firearms being brandished in a threatening manner. By seamlessly integrating with the video systems already deployed by Paliton, our partnership offers you a comprehensive solution to enhance the safety of your premises.

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Accurate and Efficient Gun Detection

ZeroEyes’ non-biased approach ensures accurate and efficient detection of firearms, minimizing false positives. The system can be fine-tuned to reduce false alarms triggered by legal guns, providing you with reliable threat detection without excess unnecessary disruptions. With our revolutionary technology, you can proactively address potential security threats and ensure a safer environment for your employees and visitors.

Trusted Partner in Security Solutions

Paliton Network is a recognized leader in providing Network, IoT and Cyber services. As a Virginia DCJS Licensed Private Security firm, we have the expertise and experience to deliver top-notch security solutions. By partnering with ZeroEyes, we are committed to providing you with the best-in-class gun detection system that seamlessly integrates with your existing RTSP based Surveillance systemContact us for a no-risk consultation and demo and learn how.

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