Physical Security

Smart devices are rapidly taking over the world of physical security and as such it has been falling further and further in the realm of Information Technology than traditional facility management functions.

The SMART Advantage

 Paliton, a Virginia licensed private security services company, has built upon its experience in a broad variety of IT fields to extend its expertise into physical security.  Using our partner network, Paliton can implement solutions that go beyond simply access pads and door locks.

By grounding physical security in IT, Paliton can provide solutions that combine several technologies to provide comprehensive visibility and control in your environment. These solutions can provide the functionality that previously were only available in very high end and expensive proprietary platforms such as Assa Abloy.

Case Example

Physical Access

Using a smart token such as card an employee can walk up to the door with the card in their pocket. The IoT sensor senses their approach and sends a message to the video analytics platform. The Video analytics software verifies the token carrier via facial recognition and unlocks the door.

Case Example

COVID-19 Workplace Compliance

Wi-fi and IoT Sensors detect that too many employees are congregated in a single area and not following current social distancing guidelines. The application sends an alert to their phones to tell them they need to social distance.

Case Example

COVID-19 Retail Compliance

A retail store uses cameras that keep count of the number of people entering and exiting the premise. When a certain threshold is met the “IN” door locks and changes digital signage to inform the customer they must wait before entering to stay in compliance with state guidelines.

Case Example

Employee Safety

A retail employee is working alone near the cash register when a perpetrator enters the store with a gun. The Employee hits a panic button on their BLE enabled nametag which sets an alarm. The nearest camera pans to the location in which the employee is located. The video system generates a video link and sends it to local police. First responders arrive on the scene and already have access to the video feeds from inside the store.