IT Consulting

Access To Experts

Not ready to make the CapEx to OpEx transition?  Our IT consulting services exist to provide companies access to experts. Unlike our managed services, where we manage your IT for you, our IT Consultants help you manage the projects and services you own or are planning to implement.

Need help installing new software or hardware?

Need help evaluating possible solutions?

Need to augment your support staff with Tier 3+ experts?

Need Help assessing performance issues?

Why Paliton?

Our team of skilled engineers and business professionals provides the full range of IT consulting services from defining strategy to the design, implementation and management of infrastructure solutions. Our core competencies include:

  • Network Design
  • Physical and IT Security
  • Cloud
  • Tactical Communications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Generate Ideas

It’s easy to go down the wrong path without an experienced guide

Fine Tune Investments

You’ve spent the capital. Get the most from it.

Keep a lifeline

Like a lawyer it’s good to keep an expert on retainer.