Our Partners

Paliton is an authorized Cradlepoint solution provider. Cradlepoint is a world leader in mobile wireless connectivity devices. With solutions that utilize Wi-Fi, Carrier LTE, and CBRS, Cradlepoint devices are small yet powerful wireless access points and modems that are designed for use on moving platforms such vehicles, drones, and even working animals such police K-9s and horses. Check out this case study on how we can deploy a Cradlepoint device on a school bus to support distance learning in underprivileged neighborhoods.



Cradlepoint is one of the first vendors to offer CBRS (private LTE) modems on their vehicular mountable Wi-Fi access points. When combing this with our Ruckus CBRS solution local governments can access LTE coverage, security and performance without having to pay carrier costs. Managing the LTE is as simple as our managed Wi-Fi solution.  Converting city owned vehicles, buses and first responders to CRBS is a rolling process that pays for its own expansion in cost savings. Contact us and we will tell you how.