Our Partners


Paliton is a select partner with Ruckus Wireless (now part of Commscope). When it comes to LAN networks, Wireless and Private LTE, Ruckus is our preferred platform. Ruckus Wi-Fi is unparalleled with over 100 patents that provide the small features that most people never think about, but make a huge difference in a congested wireless environment.

Ruckus is our preferred platform for managed networks and Wi-Fi for both its performance and its manageability.  Ruckus products managed by our controllers provide management plane separation.  What that means is that we can securely manage the customer’s on-premise equipment without co-mingling with that customers on premise data. This is especially important for schools and healthcare facilities where privacy is a requirement.

School systems are ideally suited for our managed Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is both simple and complicated and we have seen schools system try to mange performance and fail. Adding Access Points can have the opposite effect. Using endpoint software clients can become a management nightmare and still fail to adequately manage the problem. The high density capabilities of the Access Points we use combined with our monitoring and management of radio spectrum ensure that every student gets peak performance.  Proactive analytics can predict places where adjustments or equipment changes will need to be made.  Content filtering can be done at the Wi-Fi rather than the client relieving the burden of managing it on every single device.

School systems that have low income housing often struggle to get equal access to all students. This is especially an issue in the distance learning era. Without viable access, students and/or schools are often left with using mobile internet. Mobile internet is the most expensive access. With Ruckus we can securely deploy school Wi-Fi into neighborhoods using proven solutions that are in use right now in various school districts across the nation.

For businesses not ready to make the full leap to managed services Paliton offers a Lite-Touch Service where you can manage basic configuration on your own while still having access to our technical support for break/fix assistance. This is ideal for small business that only require an AP or two or have the in house expertise to manage the security of their Wi-Fi. For Schools, this basic service is also qualified under the new E-Rate rules (2020) for managed services.