Wi-Fi as a Service

What is Wi-Fi as a Service?

A Key offering in our Managed Services Portfolio, Wi-Fi as a service allows an organization to utilize enterprise grade Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi security without having to buy equipment and employ the expertise to maintain it. Securely managed from our Cloud Controller service based on the Commscope Ruckus product lien we operate and maintain

What are the major benefits?

Complexity made simple

Wi-Fi is both simple and very complex. At home or in a small office that can be serviced by the SoHo Wi-Fi router that came with internet service, Wi-Fi is very simple.  Once a location has outgrown that device, Wi-Fi isn’t so simple.  At Paliton, we have seen the frustration when a business owner buys the expensive upgraded hardware only to find it did little to improve service. Scaling Wi-Fi up or out add challenges that require experts. With Manged Wi-Fi, Paliton takes on the complexity of operating and maintaining the Wif-Fi while the business owner still sees the simplicity of that single device network.

Enterprise Features

Another key benefit is that we use true enterprise class products. Its the same technology that can be found in fortune 500 companies, major hotel chains, sporting venues, and smart cities. With enterprise class Wi-Fi you can add features such devices tracking, smart credentials, identity services, service segregation. You can use your Wi-Fi to gain business intelligence with advanced analytics.

Is it right for you?

Whether you are guest-centric business such as restaurant or fitness center or a business looking for a secure way to work un-tethered without worrying about eavesdropping on your company network, indoors or out, we have a service offering that can meet your needs.


  1. 24 x 7 x 365 service monitoring – Through our virtual Network Operations Center (vNOC) we can monitor your service and often spot potential issues for your users.
  2. Service built for coverage or capacity– Whether you need a greater signal range or capacity to handle a high density of devices we have Access Point to meet your needs.
  3. Global coverage – Depending on the local laws governing Wi-Fi we can deploy the same networks with the same policies at virtually any location with internet access. We can even use Software Defined Networking to connect them into same Virtual Private Network.
  4. Identity Services – With flexible option for both guests and employees authentication is handled by a central service. Splash pages, One-Time passwords, and certificate based authentication are only some of the options available.
  5. Sized to fit your needs – From small retail businesses with a single AP to large ones with thousands the service scales as needed.
  6. Bandwidth control – With our enterprise APs you can deploy multiple networks at a location and bandwidth control at both the network and device level to ensure that your guests services never interfere with your business services.
  7. Content Filtering – We can provide content filtering for your network. Based on an intelligence service that frequently updates we can provide different levels of filtering from child safe to work place safe to protect your users.