Public Education

For Students

Virtually every public school has a technology plan that distributes computers or tablets to students or intends to build one.  These days technology is essential. During the pandemic we found out just how essential it was as nearly country was suddenly thrust into the realm of distance learning.  Some of that continues to this day some subjects are though remotely from a different school or even from a state office or even across the country.  Reliable high-performing networks are essential for the student experience.  Paliton’s Wi-Fi solutions are the best in the industry. Our Ruckus Access Points consistently out perform even the more costly platforms and we can produce the whitepapers to  prove it.  The Ruckus ecosystem allows you to deploy one system that is consistent across all your schools.  With both indoor and outdoor solutions school Wi-Fi can even be pushed into neighborhoods or provided by local business partners.

For Educators

Educator technology has exploded over the last decade.  Many tools are available but can be also really expensive.  When you don’t know you tend to stick with what you do know.   Smart Boards have gotten really good, but are they worth more than $3,000. How about a short throw projector? These are good tools, but are they worth it.  With a strong reliable Wi-Fi, we could build the same functionality using consumer off the shelf products at 1/3 of the cost.

Field trips are great, but some of the best experiences are just not logistically feasible.  Take your class to the Battle of Gettysburg.  Take them on an interactive tour of the water-cycle.  Demonstrate practical uses for math in educator controlled simulations.  This can be done with VR classroom kits running on our high performing Ruckus Wi-Fi that lets teachers see and guide what their students are looking at though a control station that keeps their attention in the real world while they are teaching in a virtual one .

For Admins

Few would argue that safety is one of the top priorities of school administrators.  Paliton is a VDCJS licenses private security company and can design and implement many technologies that relevant to the safety objective. Check out or Campus Safety and Physical Security Solutions.

We also understand that funding is always an issue.  As a trusted partner Paliton plans IT strategically.  We can plan solutions that are built in stages that are based on a eco-system instead of siloed solutions so it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor.  Take projects as far you need to and if your priority changes what has been built already isn’t wasted.

Paliton also has access to resources that are pubic fund experts that can find out exactly what money is available to a school system.  Why pull it all from the same cookie jar.  On an larger projects there can be overlap in functionalities and therefore open the door to other funding.  Fund part of project with E-rate and another part with a grant.  If you are building a new school let us help you plan the infrastructure to ensure the core features are there to build on when the cost is at its smallest.